Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye Tree

Today I noticed that a tree had been cut down that was behind our house. It's not any tree, it held a special place in my heart. I often included it in my landscape and sunset photograph's, or with an incoming thunderstorm rolling across the western sky. I would sit in my backyard and admire it's beauty, often wondering how long it had been there or what stories it had to tell, if  for one day it could. I did venture across the field one summer evening and stood underneath it. It was far more majestic and and strong up close. We had a family of owls that called it home, and from what I am told they lived there for a really long time. I am in a way superstitious in regards to owls, but as long as they stayed out there I enjoyed watching them swoop down looking for prey. It was this tree that my husband and I walked towards on our wedding day for pictures.This was my tree to watch for the changing of the season's, I would closely watch it for buds as Spring approached. On a summer's night you could count the stars as far as the eye can see and here the gentle rustling of the leaves. As the days grew shorter it would glisten like golden glitter when the sun struck it's brightly hued leaves. When winter arrived it sparkled like diamonds covered in frost and many mornings you could see deer standing under it looking for food. I will miss this tree, I will miss the serenity it brought to my mind.


  1. Thats sad! If only trees could tell their stories and secrets!

  2. I literally drug Kelly outside and showed him, he was just as floored as me. I guess the firewood was more important. I still have that sinking feeling in my stomach from it. Probably a good thing I didn't see them removing it.